Trade With Virtual Funds

A Demo Account with Vantage comes equipped with virtual funds of $100,000. These virtual funds are not real money and can only be used for paper trades in the Demo Account.
Gain hands-on experience trading in a risk-free environment where you can practise trading and test out the platform without having to risk real money. Familiarise yourself with different trading tools, techniques, and market dynamics before stepping into the real market.

Demo Trading

Try New Strategies and Products

Experiment with various strategies and analyse their outcomes without risking your own capital. Learn from both successes and failures to refine your approach before diving into live trading. You can also practise trading different asset classes such as forex, shares, commodities, and more, to prepare yourself for trading with real cash.

Test new robots/algorithms

Our Demo Account provides you with a platform to explore and test out new robots and algorithms, all without the need for any financial commitment. Take advantage of this valuable resource to delve into their performance, fine-tune their settings, and optimise their behaviour according to your trading strategies. With the freedom to experiment, you can gain valuable insights and improve your overall trading approach.